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See you again soon! Of course we mean our loyal customer, and not our products. Once a WISTA customer, always a WISTA customer. Because we are unique in what we do. Dealing individually with our customers’ requests and specifications is our great forté. We take the term “customer friendliness” quite literally. And our delivery periods are amongst the shortest in this industry.
Whether it is a question of an order for an individual item weighing just a few grams or the precise adjustment of hot rolled steel according to customer specifications – an order placed today will be delivered tomorrow. Our customers always receive their products, at the latest, the day after they have ordered.

WISTA – is not only a company name, it also stands for unique quality with exceptional attributes: exceptionally fast, exceptionally flexible, exceptionally diversified.

And, furthermore, we are exceptional in another context, too. We support a number of universities of applied science throughout Germany with donations of material for the construction of their racing cars for the well-known “Formula Student” race, which is generally acknowledged to be a testing ground for the next generation of world-class engineers.